Women Members of Istanbul University Met at “March 8, International Women's Day” Event

IU Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak met with the women of Istanbul University in the event organized for International Women's Day.

A breakfast was held for 8 March International Women's Day on March 14, 2018 at the Blue Hall at the Istanbul University Rector's Building.

The opening speech of the event was done by IU Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak.

“I celebrate all women and this beautiful day”

IU Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak, in his speech, said, "We are very happy to see you and to work with you. Women are instrumental to men to be more mindful when sometimes men aren’t very aware of their own. I celebrate all women and this beautiful day. I hope to be together again in years to come, with health and peace of mind."

“Active women status in our university is above Turkey’s average”

Indicating that current average of women in Istanbul University is above Turkey’s standards; Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak continued his speech as follows: "In terms of academic staff the average woman in Turkey is 44%, in our university however this number reaches to an almost 49%. When we count research assistants and lecturers group it raises to 56%, 50% at assistant professor level, 52% in associate professors and 39% in professors. For now, professors have a surplus of men, but this is obviously a temporary situation. When we look at our student count, we can see that the ratio of female students in almost every instance is higher. The average of female students, in total, is 53%, 47% in doctoral programs, 47% in graduate programs, 43% in undergraduate programs and 57% in preliminary programs. Besides these, we have international students from 153 countries and while the average female students in Turkey in terms of international students are 34%, in our university it is 40%."

“Women take an active role in management stages of the university”

Speaking about the active role of women in administration of the Istanbul University Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak continued: "Women have a decisive role in the development of society and it is very important for our women to participate actively in business and social life. There are 496 managers in our faculties, 120 in our institutes, 38 in our centres, 35 in our colleges and 31 in our vocational colleges that are women. Female employees take an active role in management stages of the university. We want number of women managers to grow even more. We will always provide the appropriate environment and conditions for this to happen."

IU Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak concluded his speech with the following words: "We are proud of being a preferred institution for our women. At all levels, our university welcomes women. As I said, we are very happy to see you among us. We are grateful for your presence in every aspect and we wish you all the best for your hard work and continuation of your studies, and we desperately want your contribution to our university to continue. "

After IU Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak’s speech female members of the Istanbul University, who participated in the event, expressed their feelings and thoughts about "March 8, International Women's Day". IU Rector Prof Dr Mahmut Ak and female members of Istanbul University exchanged ideas and discussed women's studies conducted at the university.

The event ended after collective photographs were taken.

Story by Şeymanur DUR

Translated by Ece GÖÇ

IU Press and Public Relations

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