We Will Achieve Better by Working Hard

The answer that Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar that we are proud to have in our university, gave to the question “what is your secret to success?” is a guide book to all of us. “The secret to success is working hard. I worked hard and succeeded.”

The main idea of “The Department of Corporate Communication”, which is reconstructed under the roof of Istanbul University Rectorship, is constituted on this doctrine of Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar. We will work hard; do our jobs with passion, hold on to science and share the happiness of Istanbul University’s contributions to the humanity increasing every day.

Dignity and Prestige

We believe that when Istanbul University’s scientific background, ancient tradition, historical experience and intellectual capital combined with a communication strategy that is modern, Istanbul University will become integrated with the public more, the image and the perception of it will be stronger and the dignity and prestige will enhance.

We will work for this. We are starting out with a young, excited and curious team. The team mostly consists of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students and research associates. We know that the youngsters’ dynamism and determination, who have brought up in our university’s fund of knowledge, kneaded with its culture and whose heart beat for their university, will contribute us a lot.

A New Concept of Communication

The primary mission of our coordinatorship is to make Istanbul University’s all communication activities suitable to our university’s philosophy and manage it. In this context, we determine a road map by designing a suitable concept and strategy of communication for the future. We will share the details of our concept and road map, and we will submit its tangible outcomes to your appreciation.

The Core of Communication: Sincerity

We will not forget this truth; the core of communication is sincerity. We will be realistic in communication management, seem as we look, avoid exaggeration and arrogance and will not pretend. However, we will not refrain from having courage, looking for the best, searching for the innovation, seeking for the answer of what we can do for our university more.

The most precious entities of the foundations are the human values. We will enhance the happiness of our instructors, students and employees and we will give priority to the projects and activities that will help their sense of belonging. We will increase the participation in the process of making strategies and implementation as far as possible and we will encourage our members to think about these issues and offer suggestions.

Participate In Our Journey

We believe that we can achieve better works if we think together and share the soul and happiness of being at Istanbul University.

We are here for you; we rolled up our sleeves and embarked on.

In this beautiful journey, your support, contributions, and suggestions will help to work better and be more truly.

I think that our rectorship actualized the construct about the corporate   communication as a great emphasis on our university’s strategic role in 21st century and I express my gratitude towards everyone who contributed it.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah ÖZKAN
Translated by Beyza Nur Atasoy and Öykü Doğan
IU Department of
Corporate Communication

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