“Turkish Economy is of Vital Importance for Islamic Finance”

The sixth of the İSİFAM speeches took place in Istanbul University Seyyid Hasan Paşa Madrasah under the name of “Islamic Finance 5.0 In the Era of Society 5.0”.

Within the program that is coordinated under the moderation of Istanbul University Islamic Economy and Finance Application and Research Center Manager Doç. Dr. Necmettin Kızılkaya, the economist of Islamic Research and Education Institute Dr. Hylmun Izhar gave his speech. Dealing with the topic of Islamic finance Dr. Izhar, “Islamic finance has changed dramatically.”
Evaluating the fact that Islamic finance is capable of responding to challenges of 5.0 society era or not, Dr. Izhar indicated that Turkey has a critically important economy for Islamic finance. He also added, “Because Turkey is on the point where Islamic and European civilisations intersect, it is a country with so much to offer for those who wants to improve themselves in the field of theology and Islamic finance.”
After the speech, the program ended with present giving.

Translated by Öykü Kübra Doğan

IU Department of Corporate Communication

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