Turkey's first 4K resolution planetarium now welcomes visitors at Istanbul University

Turkey's first 4K resolution planetarium, “Istanbul University Faculty of Science E.C.A. Planetarium” is the first planetarium of 4K resolution to be used for educational and public events that is established within the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences of a university.

Opened through the alliance of Istanbul University and E.C.A., the planetarium is located within the Building Complex of the Astronomy and Space Sciences Department of the IU Science Faculty, it holds 39 seats for both the students and public. The planetarium presentation system consists of 10 special projectors, 8 units of peripheral sound systems, a high performance computer, special lighting and professional air conditioning system. The planetarium has high-quality "films", that are shown in developed countries, which can be presented in Turkish, English and, if necessary, in German, Italian, French and Arabic languages, is also working as a laboratory for university students.

IU Faculty of Science Astronomy and Space Sciences Department head Prof Dr Tansel Ak and lecturer Prof Dr A Talat Saygaç gave information about the IU Faculty of Science E.C.A. Planetarium.

"Dome of the planetarium works as a global cinema curtain"

While talking about various qualities of the planetarium, IU Faculty of Science Astronomy and Space Sciences Department head Prof Dr Tansel Ak said that it is a centre of performance with its dome-shaped ceiling. Emphasizing the dome’s function as a projection surface Prof Dr Ak underlined the planetarium’s resemblance to a movie theatre and its horizontal seats that enable the audience to watch the ceiling.

Informing about the presentations of the planetarium Prof Dr Ak continued: “Either images and videos or animations of astronomical displays, stars, planets and galaxies are shown to the audience on the screen. It is a very impressive environment and this demonstration technique is usually carried out by slide or laser projectors and electromechanical systems. Of course projection systems and computers make all of these possible.”

"Planetariums are the stars of science community activities"

Describing the planetariums as "the stars of science community events" Prof Dr Ak has expressed the importance of planetariums in terms of promoting and popularizing of science especially to children and young people, for the vaccination.

While talking about the 10 different slides that is available on the  IU Faculty of Science E.C.A. Planetarium, Prof Dr Ak underlined its 4K resolution making it the highest resolution in Turkey. Also pointing out visitor’s joy Prof Dr Ak continued: “I haven’t seen anyone that visited going ‘It didn’t reach my expectations’. More than 4,500 people have visited the planetarium since it has opened.”

“Our work aims to teach children astronomy and space consciousness”

Noting the planetarium’s direct correlation to astronomy, IU Faculty of Science Astronomy and Space Sciences lecturer Prof Dr A Talat Saygaç stated that there is a high demand to visit the planetarium and that they work for children to enjoy science and develop space awareness. While pointing out that Astronomy as a course is not given in schools Prof Dr Saygaç continued: “Now the planetarium is really beneficial as a supplement to the children’s education. We have approximately 18 movies. They are able to screen both in Turkish and in English. If needed, for tourists or etc. we also have various other language choices. Children and young adults are able to learn astronomy and space effectively and gain a different perspective.”

Talking about the importance of the planetarium for the university Prof Dr Saygaç pointed out its use in education, its necessity for teaching space and how it should be used nationwide.

Stressing that appointments are required to visit the planetarium Prof Dr Saygaç directed people who wish to visit to astronomi.istanbul.edu.tr/bilimtoplum. Planetarium is open in weekdays with three sessions. First one between 10.00 and 12.00, second one between 14.00 and 16.00 and the third one at 19.00. Also Science-Society Public Activities are held within the academic year on the last Fridays of every month between 17.00 and 23.00 o’clock. Prof Dr Saygaç said that a very comprehensive 5-day annual event was organized every year in May. For this year the event takes place between the 7th and 11th of May and details can be learned at www.aak.istanbul. Prof Dr Saygaç added that the transportation to the planetarium is very convenient and that there is no parking problem.

Translated by Ece GÖÇ

IU Press and Public Relations

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