Three New Programs Teaching in Foreign Languages Opened at Istanbul University

As one of the initiatives made by Istanbul University for its internationalization goals, three new programs will teach in English and Arabic languages at Istanbul University faculties.

Higher Education Council (YOK) of Turkey has approved the three new programs Istanbul University has opened to provide education in foreign languages. IU Istanbul Faculty of Medicine’s English program will take 60 students, IU Faculty of Pharmacy’s English program will take 40 students and IU Faculty of Theology’s Arabic program will take 40 students, all of whom are undergrad.

The preferability of universities carries significance on an international scale

When commenting on these new programs of Istanbul University, Rector Professor Ak stated, “The new programs are established considering the needs of the country, region and society. The three programs, which will be opened in this regard, will receive their first students next year. We believe that the more a university is preferred in the international arena, the bigger it will grow. These programs, which provide education in foreign languages, are of great importance for exchange programs of students and of faculty members from other countries. As Istanbul University, our primary goal is to always provide qualified education in order to train successful professionals both nationally and internationally. We will continue to provide services in the field of education by continuing our contribution to our country in academic and scientific sense”.

The two of the newly opened programs, Pharmacy in English and Theology in Arabic, may require a one-year education from the School of Foreign Languages.

One of the important issues related to internationalization in Istanbul University is that young people are being graduated with the knowledge and diploma that will enable them to practice their profession easily in any country. These three new programs of Istanbul University, which will provide education in foreign languages, carry great significance considering that this approach is possible only from an international point of view and mentality; and through the recognition of the diplomas these programs offer. The aim of these programs is to educate students who can compete with other students from all over the world in the dizzying, competitive environment of the international arena.

Translated by Eda AYDEMIR

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