“The Women of Our University Represent A Social Force”

İstanbul University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak met with the woman academics of Istanbul University on 8 March, International Women's Day.

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, Istanbul University Rector, arranged a meeting at İstanbul University Rectorate Mavi Hall. At the meeting, the place of women in society and the importance of women workers at İstanbul University were valuated. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak began her speech by stating that women do not need a day to present their capacity and potential to the service of the society. Prof. Dr. Ak also stated that İstanbul University has always been aware of the importance of women, as an institution.

Prof. Dr. Ak said, “People are the most superior living things on earth as of creation. Human being has the power to rule and direct life and Allah has created man in this way. From this perspective, we can say that we do not have the luxury of making any distinction for people. As men and women in society, we must remember that social peace and serenity will only be possible when everyone sees, knows, loves and respects each other.”

“We Are an Institution Guiding the Society”

Prof. Dr. Ak emphasized that, ‘’Istanbul University is a serious and leading institution guiding the society in many fields’’. He said, ‘’The proportion of female staff working at our university is above the Turkish average. 57 percent of our administrative staff, 53 percent of our students and 50 percent of our academic staff are women. This proves that our university represents a full social power, that we understand equality without causing any injustice, without suggesting that anyone is privileged at a level and authority. We are members of an institution that benefits from this wealth and is a pioneer for the whole society, in this aspect. In fact, the biggest indication of this is our academic and administrative staff and a very significant proportion of new applicants are women. Almost all our successful graduating students are women. For all these reasons, we are in great pride of our social responsibility.”

Major Activities in The Field of Women's Studies

Prof. Dr. Ak stated that important activities in the field of women’s studies are carried out at Istanbul University. Prof. Dr. Ak gave examples of: Women's Studies Research Center, Women's studies program and magazines published internationally in the field of women's studies. “All of these works are a mark of good will on the honor board of our institution” he said.

“We Want to Traditionalize Our Social Responsibility Projects”

Prof. Dr. Ak made the following statements about their two important meetings held on Women’s Day: “As Istanbul University, there are some studies that we have started to traditionalize in a way that will be repeated every year and we wish that it would turn into an institutional activity so as not to be dependent on people. One of them is our work about the girls who live in “Sevgi Evleri”. They are entrusted to the protection of our state and our nation. We're trying to get together with them. We met with our children today, they are trying to have a good life after the negativity they have experienced, they are trying to prove themselves again and they are the young people of our future. The second group is the elders who spend the last periods of their lives in hospice because of some choices and some impossibilities. These elders, who had to leave themselves to the security of the state, are trying to hold on to life by carrying out activities in hobby groups and workshops in hospice. We met with this group as well. We care about both groups as institution. We want to expand this work a little bit. As a matter of fact, our staff is working on this issue; we are planning stakeholder activities with some institutions to further improve our service to the community within the scope of social responsibility.”

‘’The Presence of Our Women Adds Strength to Our University”

Prof. Ak added: “We want to form a mechanism that will unite and bring people together and make people work together without discriminating as men and women.” Prof. Dr. Ak said, “In doing so, the most basic emotion is the feeling of helping. The feeling of help is most often found in women and mothers. Prof. Dr. Ak said, “I am sure that the strong structure and unity of our university will be one of the important opportunities for us to mobilize our ideas. The presence of our female employees adds strength to our university. We expect the contribution of the women in these areas to increase in future.”
Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak's meeting with female faculty members of Istanbul University ended after faculty photo shooting.

News: Tuğçe AYÇİN
Translated by: Yasemin UĞURLU
İU Department of Corporate Communication

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