The shooting of the Documentary on Professor Fuat Sezgin continuing

The shooting of the documentary, which is sustained by Istanbul University Faculty of Communication and about the life of Prof Fuat Sezgin, who devotes his life to the history of science, is continuing.

Prof Fuat Sezgin, who is one of the most prominent scientists in the world, was in Istanbul on 10-12 March 2017.

Istanbul University Academic Members accompanied to Prof Fuat Sezgin, who attended a lot of activities within Istanbul visit.

On 11 March Saturday in his visit, Prof Fuat Sezgin came together with the committee, who had translated “Geschichte des Arabischen Schrifttums”, which consists of 13 volumes, into Turkish.

A presentation about what is going to be used for the library in Gülhane Park was made to Prof Fuat Sezgin, who visited the construction of the library.

Prof. Fuat Sezgin came together with IU Academic Members for the shooting of the documentary, which is about his life, on 12 March Sunday. The documentary, which is going to be about the life and scientific works of Fuat Sezgin, who had reviewed more than 400 thousand volume works in the all libraries having manuscripts.

The opening lecture that had been given by the Professor in the opening ceremony of 2016-2017 was published as a book and presented to him during the visit. And also a collection of his news on Turkish media was heralded.

Prof Fuat Sezgin, whose views exceptionally important for the Muslim World, has founded Frankfurt Museum of the History of Science in Islam, where more than eight hundred examples of scientific discoveries of the scientists who grew up within Islamic culture are exhibited.

Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, which is the first of its kind in Turkey and the second after Frankfurt, was founded in Gülhane Park in 2008 with extraordinary efforts and endeavours of Prof Fuat Sezgin. There are about 700 artefacts that were collected, as donations, by the efforts of Prof Fuat Sezgin.

The Science History Library, which is a first-ever for the history of Islamic Science and is established with the 45,000 volumes of books Professor Sezgin has taken great care of since gathering them around the world and getting through enormous troubles to do so, was brought about by the efforts of Professor Fuat Sezgin.

Professor Sezgin is a member of various international academies and has been deemed worthy of several awards and medals such as honorary memberships of Cairo Arabic Language Academy, Damascus Arabic Language Academy, Morocco Rabat Royal Academy, Baghdad Arabic Language Academy and Turkish Academy of Sciences. He has also received the Frankfurt am Main Goethe Plaque, the Federal Service Medal of Germany, the Meritorious Service Medal of Germany, the Islamic Science Book Award of Iran, the Hessen Culture Prize and the Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award of Turkey.

Translated by Mahmut KOCAKAYA, İrem YAŞAR and Eda AYDEMİR

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