The Project of “A Look From Newspaper to History” is Given Access

İU Head Office of Library and Documentation has given access to 55 different local and national newspapers which were published between 1928-1942 within the concept of the project of the “A Look From Newspaper to History".

Besides its valuable and rich collections, İstanbul University's Central Library has maintained the feature of being an important library with service quality by being the only research university library. Various projects are carried out with the aim of protecting the rate works that belong to the collection of Central Library and Rare Books Library, popularizing the use of these works, transferring cultural inheritance to future generations safely and national/international introduction by Head Office of Library and Documentation. One of the important projects has become the project of “A Look From Newspaper to History".

Rare Newspapers Are Brought to Light

There are 18.422 newspapers as a cultural treasure in the collection of Central Library. The newspapers are published in languages such as Ottoman Turkish, Romaic, Bulgarian, French, German, English and Turkish.

Covering two years of effort, the project of “A Look From Newspaper to History” was carried out with the aim of conveying old newspaper archives with researchers via an integrated library automation system. Moreover, it is aimed to bring old precious newspapers to to light with this project, bring them together by creating awareness, easy access for researchers to eligible newspapers, and to protect collection and transfer it to future generations.

55 Local and National Newspapers Are Opened to Access

In the context of the project of “A Look From Newspaper to History", scanned with OCR technique, 581.106 pages from 55 different newspapers published between 1928-1942 are opened to access of users on the integrated library automation system. The newspapers are still transferred to system within the scope of project.

To be able to access Integrated Library Automation System, click here.

Story by Sevda ÖZDEMİR
Translated by Beyza Nur ATASOY
İU Department of Corporate Communication

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