Success of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Graduates in the Exam for Specialization in Medicine Made Us Burst with Pride

Graduates of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine passed the Exam for Specialization in Medicine and made their marks to the first 100 ranking with a great pride.
Following the success of our graduates who were in the top 10 by passing the Exam for Specialization in Medicine (TUS) in September 2019, our 2019 graduates Dr. Sinan SEYREK, Dr. Tarıkcan KUMBAŞI, Dr. Emirhan KANDEMİR, Dr. Hüseyin Emre KORKMAZ, Dr. İlhan ERDEM, Dr. Sidar İLİK, Dr. Burak YAZICI, Dr. Pınar KARSLI and Dr. Ayşe BERİLGEN entered to the top 100. We congratulate our graduates and wish them continued success in their medicine life.

Translated by Esra Nur Dönmez

IU Department of Corporate Communication

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