Rapidly Implemented Applications in Distance Education Were Welcomed

The satisfaction level of the education process was measured in line with the opinions of students and lecturers for the distance education modules implemented by İstanbul University due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the results of the survey, which evaluated the 4-week process starting from the week of April 6, the general satisfaction level of the students was measured as 72% and the academic staff as 88%.

The survey for the students was conducted through AKSİS, with a total of 7,322 students participating in the survey. The survey for the lecturers was conducted via Google Survey and a total of 582 lecturers participated in the survey. According to the results of the survey, the overall satisfaction level of the students was 72% and the overall satisfaction level of the faculty members was 88%. The results of both surveys reflect that the practices that have been implemented quickly have been mostly welcomed.

When the participation rates of the lecturers according to the title were evaluated, 239 professors, 130 Associate Professors, 132 Dr. lecturers, 70 lecturers and 11 research assistants participated in the survey. Of the total 582 teaching staff, 313 are female and 269 are male.

When participation rates were evaluated according to the age of the students, 4104 students aged 18 to 22, 2339 students aged 23 to 29, 585 students aged 30 to 39, 170 students aged 40 to 49, 124 students aged 50 and over participated. Out of a total of 7,322 students, 4209 were female and 3113 were male.

In both groups, faculty, vocational school and institute-based analysis were examined, with 101 faculty members and 1576 students. The Faculty of Literature was the most attended in the survey.

Cronbach's Alpha test was used to determine the reliability level of both survey scales. If cronbach's Alpha is higher than 0.7, that means the scale is reliable. Accordingly, the "Faculty perspective "value is 0.928 and the "student perspective " value is 0.960. When we look at the values here, the scales are quite reliable.

Evaluation of Survey Results

When the results of the survey were analyzed within both groups, starting from the week of April 6, the 4-week process was evaluated.

According to the survey results, of the teaching staff; general information and announcements, access to the system, the use of OYS System, the use of live tutoring system (Adobe connect), solution support and overall satisfaction with their answers to the survey statements overall assessment rates have an average of 88% . Regarding with the same statements with their answers to students' overall satisfaction of the system; the average rates of 72% was measured.

According to these results;

- It is seen that the general information and announcement process for both groups is progressing successfully and that there is a high degree of satisfaction with this process.

- 27% of students ' dissatisfaction may be due to many reasons, external influences such as internet access and the adequacy of their technological resources are thought to play a primary role.

- From the perspective of students with a relatively low satisfaction rate, constraints such as access to systems may have been decisive.

- Technology that can be associated with individual adaptation of Adobe connect application - individual harmony can be defined as an external and challenging process to control. It is predictable that the satisfaction rate based on Adobe connect is lower than other titles. It is thought that the lack of internet infrastructure in this process, as well as user-based disruptions in this process, caused difficulties for both students and faculty members. Again, another element of low satisfaction is the shorter course times in the first weeks.

- This process, which is carried out with strong coordination in the field of teaching staff, has been evaluated with high satisfaction. In the student dimension, the lack of students seeking to use this channel, or the efforts to reach a solution by turning to different channels, may have increased dissatisfaction despite the functioning of the Solution Support process. Finally; in line with the survey analyses, it can easily be stated that distance education process creates a very high satisfaction.

Click here to access the Distance Education Assessment Report (Turkish).

News: Hande Nur OCAK
Translation: Yasemin UĞURLU
İU Department of Corporate Communication

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