Professionals of the Communication World Met at Istanbul University

Davos World Communication Forum, which has been held as an extension of Davos World Economic Forum for the last 5 years, was organized with the theme of ‘Crises and Chances: Country, Company and Personal Reputation’ in IU Faculty of Science Prof. Dr. Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall between 3-4 November 2016.

The opening speeches of Davos World Communication Forum were made by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan, IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Academic Member Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Vural, the Founder and General Director of WCFDavos Yanina Dubeykovskaya and Allan Mayer, who conducts communication consultancy of many Hollywood movie studios, movie stars and pop stars.

“Not Important Whether the Crises Big or Not”

Turkey Director of WCFDavos and Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Academic Member Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Vural, by implying the forum concerns the professionals in many fields, said: “We experience the most important age of communication. It is very important for the reputation of people, institutions and countries. While the world is getting smaller and crowded, the political systems experience so serious turmoils. Crises have erupted one after another. It does not matter whether the crisis is big or not. If it is not managed properly, the loss is too much. The most important of them is loss of reputation. When we meet a new crisis in every day, if we think that it will pass like the others, it will be a great mistake. We know how the crises harm the reputation. Being known is not so much important. How much you are admired and trustworthy is important in this world.

“The New Communication World is So Important for Us”

The General Director of WCFDavos Yanina Dubeykovskaya reminded that the forum has been continued for 8 years by mentioning 40 countries operate in the forum in her speech. Dubeykovskaya, who utters that they are going to discuss the new world issues, said: ” I would like to express our thanks to those who came here today on the behalf of our community. The new communication world is important for us. The communication becomes more effective nowadays. The main stream effects the changes deeply and improves the world. The communication is very important to make a much more clear and transparent world. I know that the communicators and communication community make this a current issue in Turkey. We can effect the global understanding together. We can come together in the issue of reputation and events management.”

The First Davos Organization That is Held in Turkey

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, who has started his speech by indicating his happiness for the first Davos World Communication Forum in Istanbul University, said: ” Universities produce knowledge, make researches, educate, prepare for the professional life but at the same time they make an environment which provides self improvement and development upon knowledge- experience sharing for those who are in the professional life. Therefore; It is very proud that we, as Istanbul University, hold this Forum that deals with the most important agenda topics, development channels, new tendencies and requirements of the communication world. Also, hosting Davos World Communication Forum as the university which has the most rooted Communication Faculty and precious academic staff of our country has a significant meaning for us.”

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, by taking attention that the different participants from so many countries are going to make presentations in the forum, recorded: ” There are some speakers from different countries and also from our country. They are going to share their knowledge and experience with us. They are going to discuss new developments and chances against the crisis. This forum is very important for us because the issue of it is the communication and the communication is the centre of the life. Making chance from crises can not be possible in every time but the loss of these crises should be reduced. Evaluating its ways, methods and tools with the changing conditions of the day and moving according to that is a responsibility that is associated with universities’ education programmes. Therefore; we are highly aware of the importance that the reputation carries for people, institutions and countries.” Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak put an end to his speech by expressing his thanks to the all participants, speakers and supporter institutions and establishments for the Forum.

“We have to keep up with the sector in this globalising world”

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, who gave a speech at the opening of World Communication Forum Davos, emphasized the importance of communication and immediate notification and said, “It is very pleasing for us communicators and me and my friends to see such a forum arranged and the discussions shining light on the future. Every sentence uttered and every idea expensed in the world of communication, again circulate through the art of communication as long as you tell the truth and as long as the sector picks rightly. For this reason, I want to thank our guests and everyone who will contribute to this two day long study and I wish them great success.”

Ahmet Arslan informed the participants about the studies they have carried out and their duties as the ministry, and said, “What we especially need to do is to keep up with the sector in this globalizing world. We need to be the leader, the one that is a part of decision making mechanism, the one that is in the position of making decisions instead of following others’ decisions and taking position accordingly. As the ministry, this is exactly what we are trying to do in every sort of field. Turkey has certainly progressed regarding this issue.”

“You have to be and stay strong in this region”

Mentioning the importance of this organization held in Turkey, Ahmet Arslan said, “Turkey has a great advantage of position. If you are located in such a central place in the world, then you would have to expect some challenges. We are in a great location but it is also a tough location. There is almost a deathly competition going on in this region. You have to be and stay strong in this region. And in order to be strong, you need to manage every crisis and get out of them even stronger and you always need to be prepared for a new crisis. That is what we do and we try to do.”

Ahmet Arslan stated that Turkey has always experienced crisis but it is now a country that knows how to deal with them, and talked about the 15 July incident. Reminding that people followed the orders of their president who encouraged them to go out to the city’s streets, Arslan continued, “We are really thankful to our people. They gave everyone a lesson of how machine guns, tanks and helicopters are of no use. It was one very important thing that helped them unite that night and that was communication. Coup plotters thought they could manipulate people by broadcasting a military declaration but thanks to communication, they were not able to manipulate people. They did not think of communication’s current place in Turkey and the fact that Turkey has learned its lesson from the previous crises and strengthen its infrastructure to make it possible for people to receive broadcast during difficult times. They especially disregarded Turkey’s place regarding internet infrastructure. And they did not consider that people would not be misinformed and would go out to the streets as they could not disconnect them from the internet.”

Ahmet Arslan talked about the importance of Communication Faculties and the people who are educated there, and again emphasized their critical importance and tasks for that specific night. He said press members taught everyone an important lesson. Ahmet Arslan stated that previously press members and most young people were thought to be ‘non-political’ by some people, and continued, “At that night, both press members and youngsters taught everyone a lesson. They said ‘No, we are not raised apolitical. We will do anything we can to make sure that broadcasts coming to Türksat will go to the satellite and come back to people’s houses. We will even die for this cause if necessary.” In fact two of our colleagues die martyrs. We wish them God’s mercy. They were doing their duty, aware of the importance of their duty and of communication, and proved everyone how important it is to act as a mediator. We wish them God’s mercy and to all other veterans, we wish a long, healthy life.”

Allan Mayer who works as a communication advisor to multiple studios, and movie stars in Hollywood, gave a speech titled “Reputation Management, Social Media and the End of Privacy” in the opening of Davos World Communication Forum.

In the first day of the two day long forum sponsored by TRT World and Turkish Airlines, subject headings such as “What Happens to Companies’ and Countries’ Reputation during Times of Crisis?”, “Can Crises Be Regarded as Chance?” and “How to Manage Company Reputation during Times of Crisis?” were discussed.

In the second day of the forum, sessions titled “Crises in Digital World and Reputation Management”, “Can Crises Create a Chance for an International Brand?”, “How to Create an International Brand during Times of Crisis?” and “A Means of Personal and Business Reputation”

Translated by İrem YAŞAR and Eda AYDEMİR

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