Prof. Dr. Aydın AYBAY Commemorated

Organized by İstanbul University Faculty of Law Alumni Association, “Prof.Dr. Aydın Aybay Commemorative Event” held on March 7 Saturday at İstanbul University Faculty of Law Amphitheatre 5 with participation of colleagues, friends and lovers


Photo: Özdemir KUTLU
Translated by Begüm ERGİNBAY

Family and colleagues of Prof. Dr. Aybay participated in the commemorative event which was organized by İstanbul University Faculty of Law Alumni Association. Prof. Dr. Ergun Özsunay, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Hatemi, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Sağlam, İstanbul Bar Former President Lawyer Kazım Kolcuoğlu, Prof. Dr. Aziz Can Tuncay, Prof. Dr. Kerim Atamer and Prof. Dr. Rona Aybay were speakers. The ceremony started with presentation of Prof. Dr. Aybay‘s backstory after a moment of silence.

Speaking at the commemorative event of moderator of the session Prof. Dr. Rona Serozan, Prof. Dr. Ergun Özsunay talked about three aspects of Prof. Dr. Aybay which made difference in the field of law: “First of the different aspects of Prof. Dr. Aybay in field of law is possession of sound law knowledge and his works which happens to be role model in the field of law, the second is his fighting and determined stance about subjects which he believes, third is his defence for simple and understandable legalese to make law understood and felt at all the layers of society.” Prof. Dr. Özsunay ended his speech by stating that Prof. Dr. Aybay was a good expert of law of property and title.

Afterwards speakers talked about Prof. Dr. Aybay’s personality and memories together. During the commemoration his friends stated that Prof. Dr. Aybay was “social qualified legist”, “scientific equipped jurist” and art lover intellectual. While his relatives emphasize Prof. Dr. Aybay’s sense of humour, doyen legist was remembered by his lovers in the ceremony.

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