“Parenting in a Changing World” Was Discussed at the Gender Justice Congress

The 6th Gender Justice Congress with the theme of ‘’Parenting in a Changing World’’ was held under the leadership of the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), Journal of Women Studies, in collaboration with Istanbul University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul Ticaret University, Istanbul Medeniyet University and Marmara University. The Congress was held in Istanbul University Rectorate Building PhD Hall.

KADEM organizes a Gender Justice Congress every year under the leadership of KADEM Women's Studies Journal in order to contribute to the literature by bringing the studies on women and family together and to spreading the knowledge generated. Placing gender justice in the center, the theme of this year's convention was “Parenting in a Changing World’’. Under this heading, the change in parenting from past to present; economic, sociological and legal aspects due to technological developments were dealt with within the framework of academic interests.

With the papers presented at the Congress, it was aimed to establish an interdisciplinary discussion platform where information and experiences are shared by allowing exchange of ideas around these topics, to open the ground for discussion of new pursuits, to contribute to the formation of the infrastructure of the country's social policies, new strategies and practices on parenting.

It Is Very Important That the Family Balances Are Placed On A Strong Structure

The president of the Congress, KADEM, Dr. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu made the opening speech of the Congress. Dr. Gümrükçüoğlu said, ‘’In line with our mission, we are presenting the strategies that we have determined in legal, political, economic and social terms to the authorities that produce social policy on behalf of the settlement and adoption of gender justice. In this sense, our Congress has been functioning like a workshop with a high participation rate for many years.”

In previous years, many themes such as demographic transformation and women, divorce, women and family, women and poverty have been spoken. Dr. Gümrükçüoğlu, said, "Today, the issue of parenting in the changing world is on the agenda. Like so many roles that people take on over time, being a parent has undergone a major change, too. The world, cities and places are changing, and marriages and families are getting their share of this change. Understanding the transformations of the family institution is very important in terms of establishing a good structure of family balances. Therefore, building a happier and more peaceful family life will be possible for both parents and children.

“The Spirit of Time Must Be Captured”

 Istanbul University Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak also made a speech at the Congress. He said, " Changing social dynamics has changed every part of life, in a positive or negative way. One of these parts is the concept of family.” Prof. Dr. Ak added, "The generation of that time is always the most affected by the change. For this reason, almost every research subject from different disciplines is about the new generations. To foresee the present and the future of our family structures is to understand this new generation as well as to know the cultural, political and social changes. In other words, it is to capture the spirit of time.”
"Parenting, which is a current and important theme at the Sixth Gender Justice Congress held here today, will be discussed with participants from different disciplines. Sharing is important here in many ways. Because, the communication and relationship between children and their parents is constantly changing, especially in modern family structures. It is vital that life that parents dream and desire for their children meet a common point with the children's interests and abilities." Dr. Ak said, ‘’We can say that technological developments make life easy; but sometimes difficult to some extent. To protect our children from the harms of technological developments has been a long-debated topic. For this reason, the coming together in such activities and the sharing of ideas make me happy as an academician and a father.”

Prof. Dr. Ak added, ‘’The Association of Women and Democracy (KADEM) continues to shed light on this path for the society. Research and studies with various themes are done in this context. The studies bring new solutions and suggestions, looking at the subjects from different perspectives, thus providing a means for discussion groups, creating awareness. So, I would like to thank them once again.”

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak said, ‘’Many events were organized within the scope of 8th March International Women's Day. We now have a more conscious structure on the point of equality among men and women. However, the strong structure should exist also in the entire society and many deficiencies must be filled. In this respect, the great responsibility belongs to the academies and other units in the society. Prof. Dr. Ak stated that “Istanbul University contributes with a great responsibility to women's education and working life; as it does in many areas.”

“Our University is Very Sensitive to The Problems of Our Women”

Prof. Dr. Ak said, “Our university is the first university that founded a Women’s Research Center. The purpose of the Center is to make researches on all kinds of problems faced by women and girls in our country and to form strategies to minimize them. On the other hand, it aims to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way with the aim of forming social, economic, and institutional mechanisms, and creating and implementing strategies and policies for the development of social culture.

Prof. Dr. Ak said, "Our female academic staff, with 52.5 percentage rate, is working for the elevation of our academy and they are trying to help students. Looking at the number of administrative personnel, equality in the number of female and male personnel stands out. 49.5 percent with a ratio of nearly 3,000 female administrative staff is at task.” The numbers of female and male students are similarly very close to each other.’’ Prof. Dr. Ak added, "Out of the 74,000 students in our faculties, colleges and institutes, 49.8 percent of them are female students. When we look at the proportion of foreign students, we can see that 45 percent of the 8,000 students, including our distance education faculty, are made up of women. Considering that 35 percent of foreign students in Turkey are women, it is also seen that our university is an important place of choice for female students. As an educator, it makes me very happy to see girl students come to these days from when they were kept away from education. It is our greatest wish that the efforts to achieve this aim and equality between men and women should be extended to all institutions.”

After the opening speeches, the chair of KADEM Dr. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu opened the panel. Prof. Dr. Medaim Yanık, Assoc. Dr. M. Fatih Aysan, Prof. Dr. Attila Arkan took part in the proclamations. In the panel, " Parenting in a Changing World " title was examined in relation to technological developments and the change in parenting from past to present in economic, sociological and legal aspects. On the other hand, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University Rector Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Andi; Ibn Khaldun University Rector Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk; Istanbul Ticaret University Rector Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu; Istanbul Medeniyet University Rector Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik; Marmara University Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar; Chairman Of The Congress Committee Prof. Dr. Medaim Yanık; KADEM Vice President Sümeyye Erdogan Bayraktar and Istanbul Provincial Deputy Governor Hülya Kaya attended the Congress.

News: Hande Nur OCAK
Translated by: Yasemin UGURLU
Photographs: Başar UZUN
IU Department of Corporate Communication

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