New International Projects from Istanbul University

İU actualized two important projects that are called TAEK-CERN Research Project and 2532-TUBITAK RFBR Bilateral Collaboration as a product of scientific collaborations.

İstanbul University which is a research university, maintains its scientific performance by realizing scientific projects and collaborations. Two of them are TAEK-CERN Research Project and 2532- TUBITAK RFBR Bilateral Cooperation Project which are carried by Prof.Dr. Suat Özkorucuklu from İU Science Faculty, Physics Department.

İstanbul University, which is an official member of CMS Experiment as of 8 February 2019, organized CMS-ISTANBUL membership group with some academicians. Prof. Dr. Latife Şahin Yalçın, Assoc.Prof. Fatma Aydoğmuş Şen, Expert Adem Soylamış from Istanbul University Science Faculty, Lecturer Dr. Koray Gürkan from İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Engineering Faculty, Prof. Dr. Deniz Sunar Çerçi and Assoc. Prof. Salim Çerçi and Research Assistant Abuzer Doğan from Adıyaman University, Prof. Dr Taylan Yetkin, Dr. Ferhat Özok from Mimar Sinan University and doctoral students are in the project group.

The membership of the CERN CMS Experiment supported by Istanbul University Rectorate continues by getting stronger with High Energy Physics and Detector Development Studies and High Time Resolution Cherenkov Detector Development Studies as well as two outsourced projects that are designed by all group members.

The first one is "High Advanced Area Physics Analysis of the CMS detector, Inclusive pp Interactions PPS (Precision Proton Spectrometer) Precision Timing Detector and HCAL (hadronic calorimeter) Phase 2. Update Study, which was presented to Turkey Atomic Energy Institution under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Suat Özkorucuklu.

Within the scope of the project, which has a budget of 1.5 million Turkish Liras , CMS-ISTANBUL TEAM will fulfil several responsibilities and tasks on the advanced zone of CMS detector, Hadronic Calorimeter (HCAL), Precision Proton Spectrometer (Precision Proton Spectrometer-PPS) and High-Grain Calorimeter (HGCAL) detectors. In addition to detector work, the project team will also analyze the massive data obtained in the LHC. This project, which will be carried out under the leadership of Istanbul University, has significant advantages by bringing together scientists from various universities. Collaborations to be established within the framework of the works in the Project will enable the scientists to cooperate in multiple national or international projects besides increasing the knowledge and expertise of the project staff. The project also provides young scientists with the opportunity to conduct experimental work at CERN, where the world's largest particle accelerators exist, as well as detector development, data analysis at the Particle and Radiation Detectors Research and Development Laboratory (PARDET) in Istanbul University. It also allows for doing simulation studies. Thus, it offers an added value for our country by training qualified scientists with postgraduate, doctorate and post-doctoral studies.

Development of ultimate precision Bunch-by-Bunch luminometer for CMS HL-LHC (CERN), The second Project of Istanbul University, was accepted within the scope of 2532- TÜBİTAK-RFBR Bilateral Collaboration Project Call. The coordination of the Project is held by Suat Özkorucuklu, Prof. Dr. Deniz Sunar Çerçi , Assoc. Prof. Salim Çerçi from Adıyaman University, Elena Popova , Prof. Dr. Alexander Kaminsky from MEPHL University and doctoral students.

MEPHL University, which is the collaborated institution, is one of the five leading universities in Russia and received six Nobel-prize with its studies until now. The management plan of the project will be managed with equal responsibilities and rights among Turkish and Russian partners. The project will be held with 180.000 Euro budget. 100.000 Euro of the budget will be supplied from Turkey and 80.000 Euro will be supplied from Russia.

Haber: Tuğçe Ayçin
Translated by: Burhan Ateş
Photograph: Ayşe Akkuş
İU Department of Corporate Communication

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