Leadership Success from Our University in 4 Areas of URAP Ranking

The University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory within METU Informatics Institute determined the URAP the 2019-2020 field ranking. Inside of it, the achievements of universities around the world are ranked. İstanbul University entered the world ranking in 10 different fields of Science. In addition, it is ranked at the top in 4 fields of Science among Turkish universities and achieved success by entering the top 3 in 4 Science areas.

In the URAP ranking, which assesses the academic performance of universities, the most successful universities this year are listed according to 61 different Science fields. Using InCites data, which is cited as one of the most reliable sources for articles and citations; the academic performance of the universities in 100 countries in the last 5 years is evaluated.

Turkish universities takes part in 36 scientific fields in the evaluation in which the impact of the articles, total documents and citations of the universities in the relevant field and the international cooperation ratio are used as the criteria of the field ranking. The number of Turkish universities in at least one field ranking is determined as 37. On the other hand, Turkey takes place as the 18th on the list, among the countries with the highest number of universities.

We Are at World Ranking in 10 Different Fields of Science

İstanbul University demonstrates significant success in the URAP 2019-2020 field rankings. İstanbul University is ranked in the world in 10 different fields of Science: Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Science, Pharmacy, Biology, Dentistry, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Language, Communication and Culture, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Neuroscience.

İstanbul University is ranked the top among Turkish universities in the fields of Language, Communication and Culture, Biology, Neuroscience and Molecular Biology and Genetics. In addition, İstanbul University is ranked 2nd in Medical and Health Sciences, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences and Dentistry. And it is ranked 3rd in Pharmacy.

We Are Ranked in 'The Top 150' in Dentistry

İstanbul University achieves success in entering the first 150 in the world ranking in Dentistry and it is ranked 143rd in this field. IU is ranked 278th in Language, Communication and Culture, 535th in Biology, 414th in Neuroscience, 451th in Molecular Biology and Genetics, 331th in Medical and Health Sciences, 517th in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, 434th in Pharmacy, 902th in Science and 880th in Engineering.

China and America come first in the world rankings. Both countries are ranked first in 20 of 61 areas, while the Netherlands is ranked first in 8, England in 5, France in 3, Brazil in 2, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore in one area. Harvard University is ranked first in 16 areas, Tsinghua University is ranked first in 11 areas and Amsterdam University is ranked first in 4 areas.

News: Tuğçe AYÇİN
Translation: Yasemin UĞURLU
İU Department of Corporate Communication

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