IU Press and Public Relations Director Prof. Dr. Ergün Yolcu Informed Us About the Restoration of the Faculty of Political Sciences

Istanbul University’s Adviser to the Rector and Press and Public Relations Director Prof. Dr. Ergün Yolcu informed Istanbul Agency about the ongoing restoration of the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Indicating that 1 million bricks were handled within the restoration work, Prof Dr. Ergün Yolcu said, “The new building of the Faculty of Political Sciences is going to be equipped with heating, air conditioning, ventilating, security and vocalizing systems. All the windows that were previously covered will be opened to make the building receive more sunlight.”

Stating that all the little details were considered to make the students feel more comfortable while studying in the faculty building that has been restored in pursuance with its historical structure, Prof. Dr. Ergün Yolcu said that 21 classrooms -the biggest of which is 250 m2-, library, canteen, archive, seminar hall, the offices of administrative units and instructors are designed as part of the project.

“Original Architecture of the Building Will Be Preserved”

Mentioning that both Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Fatih Municipality supported the Project, Prof. Dr. Yolcu said “We, as Turkey’s oldest university, want to make this right. The attic will be brought into use and elevators will be put into the building in contradistinction to the building’s pre-restoration state. Our disabled students’ access to the classes will be made possible by these elevators.”

The building’s restoration process is carried out according to the restoration project approved by Conservation Council. During the restoration, as the building is an officially registered relic, multiple tests and analysis were performed. The restoration project was designed according to the demands and necessities. Approximately 100 personnel are working in the project in 2 shifts to finish the restoration as soon as possible.

Translated by: Eda AYDEMIR

IU Department of Press and Public Relations

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