IU Faculty Of Dentistry “Ultrasonography Device Opening Ceremony” Took Place

The opening ceremony of the ultrasonography device that is donated to IU Faculty of Dentistry by Güngör Timur Erze on behalf of Zekai Timur took place on 5 July 2019 in IU Faculty of Dentistry.

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, IU Faculty of Dentistry Dean Prof. Dr. Gülsüm Ak and IU Faculty of Dentistry Lecturer İlknur Özcan gave speeches for the ceremony.

“The Name Zekai Timur Will Be Enlivened Within The Radiology Department”

IU Faculty of Dentistry Lecturer İlknur Özcan stated in her speech that, “Zekai Timur, within the family he is Brother Zekai, passed away too soon. His short existence was not a farewell but a nice voice. Every farewell is a beginning, indeed. With this beginning, the name Zekai Timur will be enlivened within the radiology department. I am sure that he would not want this donation to be known publicly. This device will not only be a pioneer on healing but also make a big contribution to academic studies and education. Thus, we will take today’s latest technology and innovation to the next level.”

“Being Supported by Our Dear Benefactors Pleases Us”

IU Faculty of Dentistry Dean Prof. Dr. Gülsüm Ak, “Technological progress is as much important to our field as it is to other fields. We have been doing these studies since two years ago with the material and nonmaterial support of the rectorship. Especially being supported by our dear benefactors like yourself pleases us very much. Our professors show a great effort, as well. Firstly, I am expressing my sincere thanks to IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut AK for his material and nonmaterial suport. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to every faculty member and in particular to Professor İlknur who enabled this gathering, for their contributions to both education and medical services.”

“Faculty of Dentistry Deserves Anything Good With Its Extensive Establishment”

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, “As you know, universities pursue studies that are focused on education and research. Universities’ third field is to serve the public but serving to public is to touch the public. Faculty of Dentistry deserves anything good with its extensive establishment. It has beauties that is begrudged and maybe envied by others with its faculty members, administrative personnel and populace that requires medical service. Within these beauties there are good people serving, and the goodnes in their heart brings us here. Hereby, I congratulate Professor İlknur. Directing that kind of a source here is the outcome of her inner goodness. Hereby, I thank warmly. This is a good progress and I believe that this will open a new door into other donations, supports and sponsorships. Before anything else, we need to promote our University better with academic staff, doctors and potential patients to the public so the level of service can be as we wish it to be.”

After the speeches, IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak presented a plaque to the donator Zekai Timur’s sister Güngör Timur Erze.

“I Will Keep This Plaque With Love and Honour”

Güngör Timur Erze made these statements in her speech, “I have been given plaques so many times but this plaque that I am given today is so meaningful and pleasing for me. I will keep this plaque with love and honour. One and a half year ago I lost my brother because of a cruel disease in a four-month short period. I wanted his name to be remembered while I was suffering because of losing him. I wanted something to be done on education first, as I am an educator myself. Meanwhile, my nephew Prof. Dr. İlknur Özcan who works for the IU Faculty of Dentistry told me about the new radiology department and there is going to be a ultrasound room and my brother’s name would be remembered through the donation. As a person who is aware that mouth and dental health has a big role in human health, I gladly accepted the offer and this service made here.”

Güngör Timur Terze extended her thanks to Istanbul University Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak and to Prof. Dr. İlknur Özcan who forwarded this service opportunity and to the guests who shared this meaningful feeling with her. After her speech Güngör Timur Erze read a poem she wrote for her brother.

Opening ceremony ended after the souvenir photo taken.

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