Istanbul University Establishes Publishing House

Istanbul University, which is the most publishing university in Turkey, developing its publishing activities, started working to become more effective in the international arena with the registration of “Istanbul University Press”.

The outcome of preparatory work and research related to IU Press is reported and presented in a meeting at the Senate Hall on 18 April 2017. Rector Professor Mahmut Ak also joined the meeting.

Most publishing University

Stating that Istanbul University being the most publishing university, Rector Professor Mahmut Ak thanked IU Department of Press and Public Relations. He said that the awareness of Istanbul University should be increased, and he emphasised the importance of transferring these studies to digital environment.

Referring to works of IU Quality Coordination Unit, and the Education Commission, Rector Professor Mahmut Ak said “we have 61 peer-reviewed journals. We must encourage successful and productive researchers to publish their articles in these journals. For this reason, we would like to inform you that we will create possibilities by placing a particular importance on this issue. We can make it by bringing these possibilities and your efforts together. This is a work that can easily be done for a university with a qualified academic staff like ours. Rector Professor Mahmut Ak referring to the importance of the patent, Mahmut Ak said, “Patents and publications are two important and complementary practices for the purpose of universities. One of these must not be seen as superior to the other” he concluded.

In his speech, IU Vice Rector Professor Halis Yunus Ersöz said “The journals that have been issued up to now are the journals you have issued through your own efforts. We will do our best for you, considering what amenities we can provide for you, through which these journals will be published both nationally and internationally.”

“In National and International Arena”

Assistant Professor Metin Tunç made a presentation on the report. Tunç said “We have seen our weak and strong spots, as well as our potentials. As a result of the negotiations we made, we gathered together who needed what and reported all these.” Reminding us that ineffectual publications cause negative scoring and to lower the score of our university, Tunç said “Istanbul University Press will be active and productive in both national and international arena. The journals published under your own editorship will be the base, which will be developed over time.”

After the presentation of the report, the participants exchanged ideas on how to develop the base.

At the end of the meeting, Rector Professor Mahmut Ak said “We produce a lot of information. We must present, promote, use, and transmit it to its well-deserved place. We’ve got our feet on the ground. Among our journals, there are some around a hundred years old. In order to develop these, as well as others, we need your opinions and help.” He went on “We are an internationally famous university with Erasmus, Farabi, Mevlana and with bilateral agreements we have made.” He concluded “I believe we can bring our publishing capability to this level”.

Story: Lale Cansu TUTAR

Translated by Mahmut Kocakaya

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