İstanbul University at the First Place with 549 Patent Applications

İstanbul University has obtained a new success through its innovation performance, technological competence, and entrepreneurial ability.

At the report of Patent Effect Company, where the patent applications of companies, institutions, universities and individuals operating in Turkey are analyzed and a technological competence map of Turkey is created; İstanbul University ranked at the top with 549 patent applications in the "First 10 Universities" ranking. By this, İstanbul University has achieved a great success having leadership success in 7 areas and being in the top three in 6 areas.

Acting with the vision of becoming a world university, İstanbul University continues to obtain significant achievements which show the results of its dedication to science, technology, and production.

Adding another one to these achievements, İstanbul University took place at the top of “Patent Map of Turkey” report prepared by Patent Effect Company.

We Are at the First Place with 549 Patent Applications

The report used the patent data in measuring and monitoring the innovation performance of countries, firms, universities and institutions and it analyzed the patent applications. In this report; universities, firms, institutions and individual patent holders with the most patent applications (published) until December 31, 2019 were identified.

İstanbul University ranked first in the “Top 10 Universities” ranking with 549 patent applications. Our University was ranked in the 5th place with 7 patents in the leaderboard according to the number of registered European Patent Application (EP) ranking of 18 universities.

At the First Place in 7 Areas in Technology Segment Analysis

İstanbul University, 15 Technology Segment Analysis rankings also showed great success. İstanbul University, which is 1st in 7 of the 14 rankings of universities, achieved 2nd place in 3 areas, 3rd place in 3 areas and 4th place in 1 area.

İstanbul University was ranked the 1st with 30 patents in Biotechnology, 127 in Medical Technologies, 41 in Computer Technologies, 55 in Pharmaceutical Technologies, 36 in Automotive Technologies, 41 in Communication Technologies and 24 in Micro-organisms and Genetic Technologies.

İstanbul University ranked in the 2nd place with 7 patents in the field of Eco-Green Technologies; with 6 patents in Aerospace Technology, and with 4 patents in Energy Storage Technology. On the other hand, it ranked in the 3rd place with 4 patents in the field of Textile Technologies, with 6 patents in Food & Beverage Technology, and with 3 patents in the field of Semiconductor Technologies; while ranking in the 4th place with 6 patents in the field of Nanotechnology.

News: Tuğçe AYÇİN
Translation: Yasemin UĞURLU
Infographic: Elmas HACISALİHOĞLU, Yunus ENANCI, Onur ÇİĞDEM
İU Department of Corporate Communication

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