“Istanbul Is The Safest City Of The World In Tourism”

“The Workshop of Crime and Misdemeanour related to Crimes with the Aim of

Interest Committed against Tourists” Was Held on 9th of November in Istanbul University

“Benefit-oriented Crimes and Misdeed against the Tourists Workshop” which is organized with the collaboration of Istanbul University Faculty of Law Penal Law and Criminology Research and Application Center and Istanbul Provincial Security Directorate Tourism Branch Office was held in Istanbul University Rectorate Building Doctorate Hall. The opening speech was given by Istanbul University Faculty of Law Penal Law and Criminology Research and Application Center Head Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer. Starting his words by stating that all the persons and institutions are a part of the tourism, Prof. Dr. Sözüer said that all the citizens of our country should be considered as a part in context of the tourism security. Emphasizing the significant benefits of the tourism to economy, culture and promotion, Prof. Dr. Sözüer said that: “It is a special risk that people are victims of crime simply because they are tourists. This risk has been a subject to scientific researches. With this workshop, we hope that criminological studies will be motivated about tourism as well.”

“One of the Most Important Elements of Tourism is Safety”

After Prof. Dr. Sözüer, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Dr. Coşkun Yılmaz gave his speech. Saying that tourism is a movement that provides people comfort, joy, peace and satisfies their curiosity, Dr. Yılmaz continued his words as: “Safety is the most important thing that people needs since the beginning of humanity. It is the most important factor of communal life.” Highlighting the importance of safety in tourism, Dr. Yılmaz stated these: “There two main factors of safety: One of these is the hospitality and morals of the city-dwellers and officials. The other is the law, regulation and their power of sanction.”

“We Produce Original Projects for Safe Tourism”

After Dr. Yılmaz completed his statements, Istanbul Provincial Police Chief Dr. Mustafa Çalışkan began to speak. Mentioning about the “The Mile Stone Peace Istanbul” project, Dr. Çalışkan cited that the effort on ensuring the safe tourism and tourism partners working together reflected on tourism and economy in 2018 and 2019. Saying that “The self-giving efforts of the Law Enforcement Agency and other partners that worked 24/7 are the honor of our nation” Dr. Çalışkan remarked that the awareness of Istanbul’s uniqueness of tourism potential made them more persevering about ensuring of safe tourism. He also stated that they are encouraged about producing more effectual and original projects.
Giving information about the past and ongoing projects, Dr. Çalışkan sorted the projects like this: “Tourism Mobile Application, Tourism Security Center, Social Media Internet Follow-up Project, Tourism Police Contact Point, Information Flow Whatsapp Groups, Guidance and Translation Activities, Coordination Meetings with the Hotel Security and Management, Chinese Courses.” 

“Hospitality is in Our Nation’s Blood 

Prof. Dr. Ak spoke thus and so by making evaluations about the subject of hospitality: “Our civilization values look at the people as guests who come visiting us. We do our best to please our guest; we want our guest to leave happily from our house, city, country. Hospitality is an important characteristic; it is in our nation’s blood. It should be one of our priorities to maintain our guest’s sense of assurance when they come to our place. It is my wish that we should talk about and discuss the solution offers and alternatives that take away the corrosion of hospitality coming with the security issues on our meeting today.

“The Queen of Cities Istanbul”

Telling that each city has its own title in history, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak also emphasized Istanbul’s sense of hospitality by indicating that Istanbul has the title “the queen of cities” among the other cities. Prof. Dr. Ak told that Istanbul University is the place where hospitality peaks up in the way that it reflects Istanbul’s identity exactly. He also added: “There are 8.339 international students from 154 countries in our university. 2.200 international students registered to our university this year. The education is given in 25 different languages. We are always at the service of our people and Istanbul with our potential.” 

“Winning Hearts is a Concept of Conquest” 

After Prof. Dr. Ak completed his speech, the deputy governor of Istanbul Dr. Hülya Kaya began to speak. Starting her speech by emphasizing that Istanbul University is one of the most prominent science centers of both our country and the world and
added: “Istanbul University is going on contributing to our city and civilization with its national and international achievements. By highlighting that Istanbul is a unique city of world where all the paths cross, Dr. Kaya stated: “Istanbul is one of the most desirable cities to see in the world. It has a wide range in terms of tourism potential. It is in the door position of the world that is opened to Turkey. We are the architectures of first impression that will continue affecting for years with our friendliness, endearment and hospitality. It requires a great effort and strategies to form conceptions on behalf of our country. It is crucial to know the sincerity of our culture and civilization, and its beauty. Each individual in this city must have this awareness. Winning hearts is a concept of conquest that knows no limits. We are the civilizations of hearts. 

““The Workshop of Crime and Misdemeanour related to Crimes with the Aim of
Interest Committed against Tourists” proceeded with the sessions after the opening speeches were completed. 

Story by Tuğçe AYÇİN
Translated by Beyza Nur ATASOY and Öykü Kübra DOĞAN 
IU Department of Corporate Communication 

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