Intense Interest In: "A Look to History Through Newspapers" Project

The “A Look to History Through Newspapers Project”, which was opened to access by İU Library and Documentation Department, has been attracting the attention of researchers since it was submitted for use for the first time. The project, which covers 688 volumes of newspapers published between the years 1928 and 1942, with 55 separate titles of local and national newspapers, has received 401,435 access so far. The project is also noted for its intense media attention.

In addition to its scientific achievements, Istanbul University offers its historical and cultural background to the benefit of the society. The valuable works in the collection of the Central Library, which is the only research and compilation university library, are presented to the researchers by carrying out all kinds of protections. IU Library and Documentation Department, which has been developing various projects for the safe transfer of cultural heritage to future generations and national/international promotion, realized one of these projects in February with the title “From Newspapers to History Project”.

401,435 Visitors Accessed the Project

The Collection consists of 18,422 volumes of newspapers published in Ottoman Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, French, German, English and Turkish languages. And the project is a result of two-year intensive labor of IU Library and Documentation Department team. On the other hand, the Collection can be accessed via integrated library automation system. The Collection is daily accessible and has been scanned with OCR technique. It includes 55 separate titles of local and national newspapers published between the years 1928 and 1942. 55 separate titles of local and national newspapers belonging to 581,106 pages of archives, in 32 titles, with bibliographic imprint studies, have been made in the use of the users. According to the latest data, the automation system, which is visited with intense interest by researchers from many fields, has received 401,435 access. The project continues to make wide reflections in the media, with the number of visitors increasing every day.

Click here to access the "A Look to History Through Newspapers Project".

News: Tuğçe AYÇİN

Translation: Yasemin UĞURLU

İU Department of Corporate Communication

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