Ibac-Pristine Balkan conference executed

Seventh of the International Balkan Annual Conferences (IBAC) series, organised by Istanbul University, hosted by the University of Pristina "Hasan Prishtina".

At the inaugural ceremony of the IBAC-Pristina conference on Thursday morning (November 9th), Prof Ahmet Yeşil, Prof Marjan Dema, Prof Mahmut Ak, Kıvılcım Kılıç and Mahir Yağcılar made their speeches respectively.

“Turkish-Kosovan bond”

IU Rector Professor Mahmut Ak, in his speech, reminded that Turkey was one of the first countries that recognised the Republic of Kosovo.  He also said he was happy to be there and stressed the love bond between Turkey and Kosovo, as well as the collaboration.

Prof Mahmut Ak continued his speech: “Pristine is hosting the 7th Balkan Conference. These conferences help us improve our love bond and scientific collaboration. I sincerely thank specialists who came from Turkey, Kosovo, Romania, Poland, Japan, Montenegro, Moldova, Albania, and Russia for the precious contributions to science.”

Ottoman archives on Kosovo

It was a first at the IBAC conference in Pristina. The exhibition, which was prepared by the General Directorate of State Archives and consisting of election documents about Kosovo in the Ottoman archives, opened as part of the Conference. IU Rector Prof Mahmut Ak thanked Sabahattin Bayram, Deputy Director General of the State Archives for the preparation of the exhibition during his opening speech and shared his knowledge that the archival documents of the host country belonging to the host country will continue to be exhibited at the following IBAC conferences.

IU Rector Professor Mahmut Ak at the end of his speech thanked Pristine University Rector Professor Marjan Dema and Vice-Rector Prof Teuta Pustina for their hospitality, as well as Turkey Collaboration and Coordination Agency for their help in actualising the meeting.

Pact of collaboration renewed

The pact of collaboration between IU and Pristine University was renewed, which had recently expired.

Two books, which were the products of the two previous meetings, drew the attention of the attendees: Turkey and Romania: A History of Partnership and Collaboration in the Balkans and Turkey and Bulgaria: A Contribution to Balkan Heritage.

Translated by Mahmut KOCAKAYA

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