Digital Transformation in Tax Practices Panel

The “Digital Transformation in Tax Applications” panel, organized for the Tax Week, was held on March 4th, 2020 at Istanbul University Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall.

Riza Bilgiç, the Deputy Head of the Istanbul Tax Office, took the floor to make the opening speech of the panel. He said, "The concept of digital transformation, and digitalization entered our agenda in the last fifteen years. Now we're talking about the Digital Tax Services. This affected all areas of the law, for example, in the past, there was no law called, information technology law”. Bilgiç said, “Changing socioeconomic conditions changed the tax rules, too. We are confronted with some new concepts such as the information technology law and cybersecurity. Sociological developments took us to this point. Fifteen years ago, when we started to receive the first tax declaration, there used to be a great crowd at the tax declaration acceptance tables. Tax officers would certify taxes until midnight. There is no such thing now. We receive our declarations digitally with e-declaration 100 percent now. And we get a lot of papers as e-papers, all of them via apps. Our Interactive Tax Office allows us to do more than sixty transactions without ever coming to the tax office’’. Bilgiç said, “In today's meeting we will discuss some applications such as e-bills, e- freight bills.” Bilgiç pointed out that, "The valuable participants in this panel will enlighten us about what the map of the Revenue Administration's next digital transformation will be."

The Most Basic Argument for Securing the Production in Society: Tax

After Rıza Bilgiç, IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak took the stage. Prof. Dr. Ak said, the most valuable thing for the humanity is “production”. Production is the need of society and the source of employment. But the most fundamental argument in securing production is tax. The financial discipline in our country has a long-established tradition.’’ Dr. Ak pointed out that “Tax history represents an area that is too deep to be restricted to the Ottomans. It is not only the 19th century. I can say that the time of Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror appears to be the first budget applications in Ottoman history. "We, as Istanbul University, have a very high self-confidence because of your support. This is not just a slogan; we are hosting and educating the most idealistic young people in Turkey”. Prof. Dr. Ak added, "We consider ourselves responsible for both educating young people but also keeping their co-operation and communication alive with those sectors. In this respect, many valuable and pioneering studies have been done in the field of tax at our University.” Prof. Dr. Ak ended his speech with these words: ‘’Two important parts of the meeting held today are tax and digitalization. The service, which concerns almost every member of the society, is maintained by the ‘’tax bureaucracy’’.

After the opening speeches, the panel was moderated by Bekir Bayrakdar, the Head of the Revenue Administration, and Prof. Dr. Salim Ateş Oktar from IU Department of Finance. The panel covered “digital transformation studies in revenue administration”, “legal framework of e-tax practices” and “interactive tax practices”.

News: Hande Nur OCAK
Translated by: Yasemin UĞURLU
Photographs: İbrahim Can SELEN, Seyithan ER

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