Depression can be battled with proper treatment

Depression and sleeping problems are seen as simple as the common flu among people. IU Istanbul Medicine Faculty Department of Psychiatry lecturer Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır told the facts of the matter.

Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır told the drawbacks of sleeping pills used during the treatment of depression and added that it is unadvisable to constantly use such high dosages of pills while battling depression and that when they prescribe these medicines to patients who suffer from severe depression and sleeping problems they keep their usage duration short. She especially noted that continual reliance on medication to fall asleep is not a healthy situation.

Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır said: “Sleeping pills cause weight gain and dazedness the next day. What we need to do first is to fix the problem that causes deprivation. If ıt is depression then it needs to be treated. There are hours that are called sleep hygiene. If the patient is unable to sleep till late hours of the night then the problem behind it needs to be found and taken care of. Healthy biological rhythm, the biological clock compels us to schedule our sleep routine in line with the sun. When starting out a depression treatment we use sleeping pills to help regulate our sleep schedule but it isn’t right to use such medication throughout the treatment. Because using these pills during depression can cause memory loss.”

While treating depression doctors also aim to cease sleep deprivation. Because the depression medications that are given also have affects to regulate sleeping problems. These meds show their affects within a few months. To the patients who cannot bear through it, which are experiencing severe sleep deprivation, are temporarily given sleeping pills. The important point here is to use these medications until they show their effects.

Depression has many reasons

Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır said: “We cannot conclude it to a simple one line reason. If the individual feels comfortable in social situations then it is not that big of a problem. If they are alone and have no one to have strong relations that tie them to the public or constant noise and traffic can cause an unhealthy psychological state and can trigger depression. It is not only caused by crowd or loneliness, apart from them there are genetics, physiological and emotional reasons, traumas and stress factors.”

Experts state that depression can be gotten over if the antidepressant treatment is effective and if the patients receive regular and appropriate treatment. Seen in in every 5 people among seven, depression should not be left untreated. Depression is a stage where the individual steers away from social life and productiveness. Experts say that with the right treatment depression can be completely got rid of.

Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır said: “There is a chemical chart that is called endogeny. Well, yes sometimes depression can be triggered by trauma or stress but that doesn’t mean that it needs to have a tangible reason in every case.  With a genetic effect or a chemical circumstance even an individual who feels content with their life can fall into depression. They would have signs of depression but do not realize what they are experiencing or the fact that it is solvable.”

“Drugs can trigger depression”

Even though it is not legal in Turkey, drug use especially among youth is a sad truth. Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır said the following about the topic: “Depression is much more prominent during drug use. Drugs can trigger depression. Psychotic hallucinations are often seen in those who use addictive substances. And sometimes those who suffer from depression can turn to drugs thinking they will benefit from them. If one starts using drugs while suffering from depression their case gets considerably more difficult.”

“Youngsters should invest in themselves”

University students seem more prone to drugs because of their concerns for their future and responsibilities towards their parents. Assist Prof Dr Sibel Çakır recommended young adults these: “If it is a periodical problem, if they are feeling down for 3 or 5 months when everything was fine before they should consult an expert. If it has been going on for a few years then to fight with it they should invest in themselves. They should work on themselves and look after themselves through courses, secondary schools or part time jobs. They should join activities they enjoy and will help them grow. In short, the more they do the more they feel fulfilled and capable therefore more psychologically at ease.”

Story by Binali ATASEVER

Translated by Ece GÖÇ

IU Press and Public Relations

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