A Science Bridge Between the Eurasia Countries; IU FAMER

Istanbul University Farabi Eurasia Studies Application and Research Center (FAMER) continues to improve cooperation and unity between the Eurasia countries by contributing training scientists that our country and the countries in Eurasia needs.

FAMER, founded in 2016 with the aim of perform mutual projects and scientific activities with the Eurasian pioneer universities and share the acquired knowledge through various activities in an international environment, continues studying the country and the region in terms of language, history, social and cultural. Improving the relationship between our country and the countries in the region, FAMER contributes training scientists. Farabi Eurasia Studies Application and Research Center Head Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kızılcık gave information about the aims of FAMER and activities within it.

Cooperations with the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Stating that alongside the mutual seminars, conferences and symposiums that FAMER and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University organize together, there are also readings, panels and language courses that let hundreds of scientists work together, Prof. Dr. Kızılcık said that, “Hundreds of post-graduate and doctorate students from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University joined the internship and research programs that are coordinated by our center. In return, tens of undergraduate students from IU Faculty of Letters are sent to Almaty for a Kazakh and Russian language course which was organized by Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in summer. We organized the first International Eurasian Studies that is about Turkish World Within the Context of Islam Civilization Symposium on 27-28 July 2017 and we organized the second one Turkic and Oriental Studies in Eurasia on 4-6 July 2018”.

Underlining the fact that they aim to bring up academicians and researches that have vision and mission with the activities that they organize, Prof. Dr. Kızılcık said, “We want our country to be the pioneer on educational tourism by increasing the international scientific studies.”

Courses within FAMER

Giving information about the courses within the center, Prof. Dr. Kızılcık sorted them like so, “Practical Arabic Course, Arabic Speaking Course, Media Course in 4 different languages, Translation Course, Arabic Story-Writing Course, Manuscript Scrutiny Course and Academic Spelling Rules Course.”

Farabi Center Library is open to researchers

Stating that the Farabi Center Library, which keeps growing with new books from day to day, is now open to researchers, Prof. Dr. Kızılcık said that, “The preparation phase of the projects such as providing counsel and coordination for Middle Asian and Middle Eastern Media Center, constituting the archive files of the countries in Ottoman era geography and completing the Farabi corpus is continuing. Besides, international symposiums have been organized for the last 3 years.”

You can find further information about activities within FAMER here: https://famer.istanbul.edu.tr/tr

You can find the bulletin of 3-years of activities here: http://cdn.istanbul.edu.tr/FileHandler2.ashx?f=01_bu%CC%88lten-2016-2018_637093449793311954.pdf

Translated by Öykü Kübra DOĞAN

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