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IU Paediatric Hematological Oncology Policlinic Opened

The opening of IU Oncology Institute Paediatric Hematological Oncology Policlinic and ceremony for donators took place on 7th of October 2017 at IU Oncology Institute Nijad Bilge Library.

Opening speeches were made by IU Dean Prof Mahmut Ak, IU Oncology Institute Head Prof Ahmet Kizir, IU Oncology Institute and Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Lecturers Prof Rejin Kebudi and Prof Bülent Zülfikar.

“Clearest Way to Produce Service is to Reach The Public’’

IU Dean Prof Mahmut Ak while giving his speech expressed the importance of oncology field and said: ‘’Clearest way to produce service is to reach the public. One of the important issues that may benefit us both financially and morally within this structure is that we are an establishment that can create answers to Turkey’s health services and face requests leading to the field of welfare. One of the important fields whose needs are urgent and who are in need of this kind of service is the field of oncology. I celebrate all of our hardworking lecturers who serve for this cause. The fact that this field has to do with children and chemotherapy shows its importance. We know that each step taken for this cause will form smiles on many faces. We’ll be content if we are able to create services to help and to ease the hardships of the patients and their families who live the effects of their circumstances altogether. ‘’

“An Assertive University in the Field of Health’’

Prof Mahmut Ak who noted the assertiveness of Istanbul University in the field of health continued his words by saying: ‘’Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine serve their patients with all their might. Whereas we have oncology and cardiology departments that can elevate these two faculties. Both of them have specialists for particular cases. We pride ourselves because of this prosperity but we also know the benefit of it for the public. I want to, again, remind you that the execution of all these projects had cooperation between stakeholders. With this aim, we know the help and service that is presented here will be developed. We aspire to see the volunteer work to continue.’’

“Teamwork is Necessary for The Success of Oncology Treatment’’

IU Oncology Institute Head Prof Ahmet Kizir expressed the ability of IU Oncology Institute of using advanced treatments and said: ‘’It is an honour to say that our oncology institute is able to execute advanced treatments for both adults and children. And that we have the adequate groundwork, employee, and information to carry out said treatments. Teamwork is necessary for the success of oncology treatments. We have an accomplished team that includes radiation physicians specialists, nurses, health technicians, assistant health personnel and administrative person. They also share their knowledge and experience at weekly case meetings that have been happening for years with their colleagues from other hospitals.’’

Prof Kizir noted the fast renovation of IU Oncology Institute Paediatric Service and Paediatric Policlinic and ended his speech with these words: ‘’Paediatric Service and Policlinic was completely demolished and rebuilt in accordance with the inpatient treatment regulations. Under the leadership of Prof Rejin Kebudo, ÇOKSEV, the association of children's cancers love and solidarity came into commission. IU Institute of Oncology is still one of the most preferred institutions in Turkey, although many new oncology facilities have been opened in recent years. Many patients want to have their treatment done at this institution and even though they cannot they still consult the opinions of the faculty members of the oncology institute about the correctness of their treatments. Dear guests, we have renewed our policlinics thanks to your precious support. Many of our patients will benefit from these services, and we will serve them in this renewed place.

First oncology centre

Saying that it’s the first oncology centre of Turkey, IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine lecturer Prof Rejin Kebudi went on “Paediatric Hematology-Oncology has been serving since 1990 and been operating under the affiliation of Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. All pediatric cancers are monitored and treated on a multidisciplinary basis in our unit, to which every year 120-140 newly diagnosed cases of childhood cancer apply.  We use the most recent improvements in our treatments.”

Professor Kebudi continued her words: "While doing our scientific work, the field we are dealing with is health, people, and children. The medication, examination, and admission of our children are fully covered by the government. Our children and mothers spend most of their time in the hospital, away from school and family settings, due to their long-term, average 1-2 year(s) treatment. Here, besides being a scientist, we also need to act responsibly as a physician, mother, and human. NGOs, philanthropic people are very important. The ÇOKSEV Association, founded in 2001 to help our children and their families in this regard, has been working with volunteer mothers for many years and has met many of the needs of our children and families as well as the needs of the service, polyclinic, and school. Every year we make calendars composed of pictures of our children. We cooperate with people, institutions, and associations that produce many social responsibility projects. Our students support their little brothers and sisters [patients] with their social responsibility projects in their schools."

Produce Information

IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine lecturer Prof Bülent Zülfikar made an opening speech: “In Civil states, two elements for the managers were essential: that the subject be wide and the treasure be full. Today, this has changed. Basic knowledge and its transformation to a product, that is, technology has taken its place. Providing security for the subject is crucial. Similarly, the role of a university has also changed.Thus, accordingly, we will keep on producing information.”

Story: Ebru SÖNMEZ

Translated by Ece Göç and Mahmut Kocakaya

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