IU Rector Dr. Yunus Söylet Joins the Academic Council of the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine

Rector Dr. Yunus Söylet, joined the IU Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine Academic Council on November 6, 2014.

Academic Council began with IU Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine Dean Dr. Özgün Enver's original opening speech and the agenda.

At the Academic Council for the first time Advisor to the Rector IU Professor Dr. Oguz Çetinkale and Housing Administration Vice President Dr. Ahmet Sahin briefed the faculty members on the latest developments on Reconstruction Project of the establishment of Istanbul University Hospitals.

IU Rector Dr. Yunus Söylet, following the talk about the academic and scientific developments at the University of Istanbul University Hospital made a short presentation regarding Reconstruction Project:

"As a matter of fact Samatya will teach us a methodology. Our conventional model of organisation does not allow us to communicate with each other properly making it harder to carry out our administrative duties.”

IU Rector Dr. Yunus Söylet answered the questions of the faculty members after the speech.


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