A broad cooperation protocol was signed by İstanbul University and the Near East University (NEU)


On January 9, 2015 a broad cooperation protocol within the regulations framework of the "Open and Distance Education" was signed by İstanbul University and the Near East University (NEU). Protocol was attended by Rector Dr. Yunus Söylet and his delegation the Founding Rector Dr. Suat Günseli, Rector Dr. Ümit Hassan, Head of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Irfan S. Günseli, vice-rectors, deans and faculty members.

NEU Rector Nicosia Dr. Ümit Hassan in his speech said "Judging from what perspective you look today is undoubtedly an important day for us." Istanbul University Rector Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet and at the same time being a medical scientist as our teacher said reminding Turkey and us ethical principles to be followed and in the context of TRNC is here with us showing the full cooperation "We are living here today the work and discipline of the mind and the spiritual unity as a result between our President Founder Dr.Suat Güncel and Prof.Dr. Yunus Söylet "he said. Prof. Dr. Hassan, " the nuances of the synthesis and peace of mind in the volume of this cooperation in the present context in the framework of its own specialized technical and scientific issues of the two universities will manifest themselves." he said. Prof. Dr. Söylet, apart from this work, said "the acquisition of foreign students through Foreign Students Exam (YOS), realized with the support of NEU in Cyprus and carried out in 25 countries where IU is preferred by more than 50 universities in Turkey.

IU Department of Press and Public Relations