Copernic Burs Başvuruları / 2012 - 2013

“Copernic”, a special graduate level program supported by some of the most important French companies such as Air Liquide, Arcelor Mittal, BNP Paribas (TEB), Bouygues Construction, Crédit Agricole, GDF Suez (Izgaz), L’Oréal, PSA Peugeot-Citroën and Renault.

The purpose of Copernic is to offer additional management tools to young graduates who are already highly qualified (engineering, economy, business administration, law) and to enable them to bridge the cultural divide in order to successfully integrate the French business world.

It requires, at least, a “Lisans” degree in Turkey and good level in French language. The program consists in about 450 hours course during 6 months at two of the very best French higher education institutions like “Sciences Po Paris” and “Mines ParisTech” and at the “College des Ingénieurs”. Then, “Coperniciens” do a 6 month internship in a French company. The whole program begins in October 1, 2012 and finishes in September 30, 2013.

After the internship, two thirds of “Coperniciens” usually receive an offer for a position in the company where they do the internship.

Deadline : February 29, 2012
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