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The faculty was founded in the 1880's and is one of the foundational and fundamental stones of the university. Our faculty was the first to train young jurists until the establishment of other law faculties at universities. After the University Reform of 1933, with the contribution of academics fleeing from Nazi regime, the principles of contemporary legal education originated and were developed at this institution. Many reputable, well-known figures and famous academics  such as Prof. Andreas Schwarz, Prof. Ernst E. Hirsch, Prof. Sıddık Sami Onar, as well as many judges, politicians, lawyers, writers, and journalists feature in the history of this faculty. The academic staff of our faculty is a proud of this heritage and their purpose are to retain and promote the tradition of high qualified education of the institution forever.

During eight-term (four years) under graduate education period, the aim is to teach students  basis of legal concepts, and to instruct them in approaching legal issues with an analytical and critical eye. The system of legal education is based on a programme of inter-active teaching, in which the students spent most of their time making studies in libraries. 

As a framework of public law, students have to take basic subjects such as constitutional, administrative and criminal law whereas as a structure of private law, law of obligations and commercial law must be taken as compulsory courses. There are also elective courses available on developing and progressive legal issues in an academic programme of the faculty.

Our faculty possesses the most comprehensive law library in Turkey, with a rich collection of periodicals and books. Our academic staff regularly publish the results of their research in the form of articles and books which influence the progress of the Turkish law. Moreover, many academics are working in an international platform and cooperate in an influential manner with foreign 

academic institutions.

There are numerous student clubs within the faculty, and some of them give students the opportunity to have education on abroad. Besides students take part in international mood courts and take advantages of trial practice in international arena while having a visit to United States or Netherlands for the competition. 2708 students are having education at faculty of Law at present.



Lectures Given at Faculty of Law

(List of Lectures)



Constitutional Law I (General Principles)

Civil Law I (Introduction Law of Persons)

Introduction to Law


Principles of Atatürk and  History of Turkish Revolution

Turkish I

Public Law (Public Freedoms)

Foreign Language (English)

Roman Public Law


Political History

Comparative Civil Law



Constitutional Law II (Turkish Constitutional Law)

Civil Law II (Family Law)

Roman Law

Principles of Atatürk and  History of Turkish Revolution

Turkish II

Foreign Language II (English)

Juvenile Law

Political Science

History of Civilization



Law of Obligations I (General Provisions)

Criminal Law I (General Provisions)

Administrative Law I

Public International Law I (General Provisions)

The Philosophy and Sociology of Law

Fine Arts I

Public Law (Theory of State)


Law of Mass Media

Theory of Democracy

Law of Succession



Law of Obligations II (General Provisions)

Criminal Law II (General Provisions)

Administrative Law II

Public International Law II (General Provisions)

Tax Law

History of Turkish Law

Fine Arts II

Methodology of Law

Local Authorities Law

Natural Resources Law



Law of Property I

Law of Obligations (Special Part)

Commercial Law I

Civil Procedure Law I

Philosophy and Sociology of Law

General Public Law

Humanity Law

Law of Construction

Environmental Law

Law of International Institutions

Consumers Law



Law of Property II

Commercial Law II

Civil Procedure Law II

Criminal  Law (Special Provisions)

Public International Law III

Human Rights Law

International Criminal Law

Competition Law

Air and Space Law

Law of Uncodified Contracts



Private International Law I

Maritime Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law I (Enforcement Law)

Labor Law I

Criminal Procedure Law I

Administrative Procedure Law

European Union Law

Intellectual Property Law

Islamic Law

Capital Market Law

Law of Guarantee



Private International Law II

Law of Insurance

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law II

Labor Law II

Inheritance Law

Criminal Procedure Law II

Social Security Law

Forensic Medicine

Enforcement Law

Law Governing Lawyers

Law of Transportation

Banking Law

Construction Law




Contact Addresses


Istanbul University

Faculty of Law

34116 Beyazit-Istanbul / Turkey


Tel: 00 90 (212) 440 00 00


Fax: 00 90 (212) 512 41 35 


E-mail: hukuk_dekan@istanbul.edu.tr


Web: http://www.istanbul.edu.tr/hukuk







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